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Sprinkles and sprinkle mixes are life, are we right? You guys, we could not be more excited for this announcement! After years of customer requests and months of planning, we are so super excited to be adding a full line of sprinkles and sprinkle mixes to our product offering. We now carry classic sprinkles including the ones listed below and the ever desirable sprinkle mixes! Customers were having a hard time finding one shop that carried both classic and custom mixed sprinkles in one shop. Not only do we stock both for our retail and wholesale customers, we offer mixes that you won’t find anywhere else – in themes that you haven’t seen together yet. Rainbows and brights aren’t the only parties out there! Our sprinkle mixes are unique and exclusive to us and hand-mixed, packaged, and shipped all over the world.

A new sprinkle mix will be released every day for the next 60 days. Whew! That’s a feat in itself but we have so many ideas that we are just bursting with excitement.

Without further adieu, the very first Sweet Sprinkles release: SWEET TREATS! It’s only appropriate for the first sprinkle mix to be fun, bright, and iconic to the S&T brand. Sweet Treats has a mix of pinks, limes, teals, and white in all shapes and sizes.

About Our Sprinkles

Our Sweet Sprinkles line is sourced from the most unique companies with flexible offering. Food allergies and other diet restrictions are a real concern of ours. We are happy to include an offering of Vegan sprinkles and mixes as well as those that are Nut Free, Gluten Free, PHO (Partially Hydrogenated Oil) Free, Trans Fat Free and Dairy Free.

All of our sprinkles and mixes are made with FDA approved food items. For the safety of our customers and with the knowledge that we are expecting you to eat these sprinkles, we do not carry metallic dragees, deco balls, or any other non-FDA approved items in our shop or include them in our sprinkle mixes.

Sweet Sprinkles - New Sprinkles! Jimmies, Non Pareils, Sugar Pearls, Quins, Chunky Sugar

Sprinkle Types


These beauties are really the star of the show for our sprinkle mixes. They are thin and long and have a nice crunch to them. Our jimmies are crunchier than most out there because of their low fat content. Customers will find a large color offering of this kind besides our chunky sugar. Pictured here are our Teal Jimmies.

Teal Jimmies

Non Pareils

These tiny little sugar balls sure pack a punch! At only a few mm in size, they are big in color and are a great add of dimension to the Sweet Sprinkles line of products. No matter how you pronounce them, you’ll love them when you get some! Pictured here are our Pink Non Pareils.

Pink Non Pareils

Sugar Pearls

Sugar beads, sugar pearls, candy beads, candy pearls are all names for these bites of candy sprinkles. They are about 7mm in size and are the consistency of a mini jawbreaker candy. Sweet to the taste and beautiful in color, they might just be our favorite component of our mixes. These are sure to stand out in the crowd. Pictured here are our Lime Green Sugar Pearls.

Lime Sugar Pearls


Sequins, Quins, Sugar Shapes, whatever you call them, these light crunchy sprinkles are so fun to add into mixes. They are not nearly as dense as the sugar or pearls but they are so pretty. They are a beautiful, unique component to mixes when we add them in. Pictured here are our White Heart Quins.

White Heart Quins

Chunky Sugar

We have saved the best for last. These sparkling, chunky, large grain sanding sugars are so incredibly beautiful in person! They are shiny and so noticeable in the mixes. We offer over 20 different colors ranging from pastels to dark black. Sugar only mixes also make the prettiest colors. Who needs depth when you have these gorgeous colors to mix in?! Seriously, just look this picture below of our Teal Chunky Sugar!

Teal Chunky Sugar

Now that you have a good basis of what to expect from future Sweets Sprinkles listings,  we’ll be posting new releases right here or you can jump right to our new Sweet Sprinkles blog category!

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