Leprechaun Sprinkle Dipped Oreos

Sometimes fast and easy is the only way to make holiday treats. Even the best laid plans don’t work out and you have to throw something together for a class party or work event. Or maybe that’s just us! Well, we are saving you today with these super easy (and adorable!) Sprinkle Dipped Oreos.  This sweet idea can be done with any cookie and icing color for any holiday. Nobody has to know it only took a few minutes.

Sprinkle Dipped Mint Oreos

First you just need any store bought icing. We have used the spray can but also the small tubs of icing and both worked beautifully. You also need a stack of cookies of your choice and a fun sprinkle mix like our Sweet Sprinkles Lucky Charm sprinkle mix for St. Patrick’s Day. It has super cute shamrock sequin sequin sprinkles and gold shimmer sugar crystals too. It’s so festive!


Lucky Charm Sprinkle Mix Dipped Oreos

Take each cookie and spread/spray your icing on. We like to do an assortment of top only, half dipped, and middle to change it up. For these, we did half dipped/top only. Once your icing is applies, slowly drop on your sprinkle mix a little at a time until you are happy with the coverage. They look way too cute to be so easy, so that can be our little secret!

St. Patrick's Day - Sprinkle Dipped Oreos

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