New Bulk Wholesale Paper Straw Pricing

New pricing schedule for wholesale paper straws!

We sell bulk and wholesale quantities of all of our products but have had a huge increase in the number of straws our customers would like to purchase at one time. Due to the demand of custom quantities and the time it takes to handle these inquiries, we have added a new pricing schedule for our bulk and wholesale paper straws. Now you can purchase higher quantities of bulk paper straws right from our website.

As always, this minimum can be met by mixing and matching across the entire paper straw category. You can purchase one pack of a straw or 10 packs if you’d like. Mix and match to see what sells best. No longer do you have to buy hundreds of one straw that might not sell. The discount is applied in cart so you can immediately see your savings. Our straws are supplied in our clear, sturdy, plastic Sweets & Treat boxes ready for immediate sale on your shelves. Just another thing we do to make your resale lives easier!


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