Throwing a Holiday Party on a Budget

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Shutterfly Holly Party Holiday Invitation

Holidays are ideal for spending time with loved ones – so why not throw a party and celebrate? You may think that’s a great idea but that your wallet can’t handle it. Don’t worry! With our budget-friendly party tips, you can host a holiday party without breaking the bank.


When throwing a bash, you may be tempted to skip the holiday party invitations and opt for simple e-cards. That’s definitely an option, but photo card invites are all the rage and extremely affordable. Customize your Christmas greetings with your party information and send it the old-fashioned way – in the mail. Not only will your guests appreciate the extra gesture, but your invite won’t get lost in guests’ endless sea of emails. When considering who to invite, remember that the fewer you invite, the higher quality food and décor you can afford. So keep the list to those close to you and call it good.


There are so many affordable ways to decorate your home for an amazing holiday party. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Center your decorations around a gorgeous Christmas tree. You’ll already have the tree up, so it’s really not adding any extra work.
  • Ask friends if you can borrow tablecloths and other holiday-specific decorations. Shop day-after-Christmas sales to store away great deals for next year’s party!
  • Decorate using a simple strand of twinkle lights and some tulle around the food and drink tables. These inexpensive items will add an elegant touch.
  • Wrap your pictures frames like gifts, using stylish wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Rehang the frames and you’ve got decorations you can leave on the wall all season long.


For most of us, a party centers around food – this is where most of your money will be spent. But that doesn’t mean your only choices are to spend outrageous amounts or have tasteless concoctions. Try these ideas to limit your spending without limiting great taste:

  • Remember, simple is the name of the game! Find recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients and that call for less expensive foods like potatoes or flour. Then you can make a lot of food for a little amount of money.
  • Do a potluck. There’s no shame in asking friends to bring a dish to share! That means you’re not providing all the food and your guests will get a great variety to try.
  • Buy in bulk. Instead of purchasing pre-sliced cheeses and deli meats, buy a large quantity and do the slicing and rolling yourself.
  • Forgo alcohol. Yes, it’s nice to provide wine and beer for your guests, but that’s a huge hit to your pocketbook. If it’s really important to you, consider purchasing champagne for a toast. Sparkling cider makes a nice alternative.


Food may be important, but you have to set the mood for people to party! If you’ve got a fireplace, light it up to give the place that warm holiday cheer. Whether you want a festive evening or a quieter, more sophisticated affair, choose music to match. In order to hold off on some of the costs, stream Pandora or rent your favorite holiday music CDs from the library. In the other room, pop in a classic holiday movie favorite – like A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation or Elf – and invite people to sit and watch for awhile.

Whatever specifics you decide regarding your get together, remember that it’s possible to throw an amazing holiday party without throwing out a bunch of cash. So get to planning and have fun!

Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

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