Foam Pit Sweetscape InstaParty

We hope you guys loved our first Sweetscape Insta Party – Circus Cookie!  If you missed it be sure to click on over and check it out. It’s the cutest pink cookie and sprinkle filled party you ever will see. But for our second party we’re going to change that right up and head in the other direction with a Nerf inspired Sweetscape – Foam Pit!

Foam Pit Nerf Inspired Party Ideas - Sweets & Treats

For this Sweetscape InstaParty, we chose a bright color scheme inspired by our favorite foam darts and our Foam Pit Sprinkle Mix. Orange, blue, navy blue, and a little gray to bring in a neutral. The orange table covering really kicked things off.  Next we added basic white plates, a white tray for the cupcakes, and our favorite DIY confetti! Guess what we used to make the confetti? Leftover Orange Rugby Stripe and Solid Blue BakeBright cupcake liners and Navy Stripe Goodie Bags! Isn’t that fun? Such an easy way to decorate for a party. The leftover goodie bags and cupcake liners not only match perfectly, there’s no waste!

Foam Pit Nerf Inspired Party Ideas - Sweets & Treats

This time we used our Greige Stripe Goodie Bags to not only hold the utensils but the favor as well. For favors we gave out lots of extra foam dart ammo, so watch out! These party goers are armed. Of course we wouldn’t send them out to battle without a little safety so we added some cool clear safety glasses as well. Adding a few extra darts around the table will bring in the theme even more. And don’t fret about the cost of those little guys, you can buy them in bulk on Amazon by the dozens.

Foam Pit Nerf Inspired Party Ideas - Sweets & Treats

But before the battle these party goers are going to need some grub! We filled their belly with pb&js, cupcakes, and perfectly coordinating blue juice! You can really transform a simple sandwich at a party with a Goodie Bag, don’t these Navy Stripe Goodie Bags go so perfectly? The cupcakes were frosted in a flat swirl to mimic target shapes, then edged in our Foam Pit Sprinkle Mix. Such an easy effect to do with so much punch for the party. But even for a foam dart war party, we brought the SPRINKLES! Our Blue Jimmies and Navy Jimmies coordinated perfectly. The Bake Bright liners we used were Orange Rugby Stripe, Solid Blue, and Solid Orange. We love to flip over a few extra cupcake liners and use them to decorate even more. Again, so easy and free!

Foam Pit Nerf Inspired Party Ideas - Sweets & Treats

And of course, we wouldn’t throw a party without an awesome paper straw combo. For this Foam Pit party we used our Orange Stripe, Grey Rugby, and Blue Rugby Stripe straws. So grab your dart guns and your safety glasses it’s time for a PARTY! You can shop the party below.

Foam Pit Nerf Inspired Party Ideas - Sweets & Treats


BakeBright Cupcake Liners – Solid Orange / Solid Blue / Rugby Stripe Orange

Sprinkles – Foam Pit Sprinkle MixBlue Jimmies / Navy Jimmies

Paper Straws – Rugby Stripe Gray / Rugby Stripe Blue / Stripe Orange

Goodie Bags – Stripe Navy / Stripe Greige

Foam Pit - Nerf Inspired Party Ideas - Our Nerf inspired Foam Pit party is the perfect boy party theme of the year! With bright shades of blue and orange, trimmed cupcakes, uncrustables, and foam darts as favors, this party theme is sure to hit the target!!

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