Craft Corner: Paper Party Straw Wreath

It was brought to our attention by one of our lovely customers that for the December issue of Woman’s Day magazine this year, they featured a paper party straw wreath on the cover. This is a brilliant idea!!! How amazing would this look as a mantle piece?

You can mix and match any colors of our paper party straws to match any holiday but this particular one uses the red and white stripe paper party drinking straws for a candy cane effect. Can you just picture how gorgeous an Easter wreath would be with our pastel or even bright color straws or how fun a Halloween wreath would be with our black, purple, lime green, and orange colors??? The possibilities are endless and oh so inexpensive. Regular wreaths cost a fortune so why not make your own to save money and accomplish a beautiful DIY craft project?

You can also use our bar striped cupcake liners and bar striped goodie favor bags to coordinate an overall theme! You can find a tutorial for the paper straw wreath here at tatertots & jello‘s blog. Happy crafting!

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