Upside Down Apple Pie Bundt Cake


WARNING: This is my first actual recipe post! Don’t hold it against me. Lower your post expectations immediately! Now continue… I often share recipes from other bloggers who have so beautifully baked in or used our products. I am not a food blogger or photographer although I plan on working on the latter. But, after…

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Recipe Share: Jumbo Blueberry Muffins


When I think of breakfast comfort food, i think of warm, blueberry filled Starbucks type muffins. Other than omelettes, muffins are by far my favorite breakfast food. Java Cupcake has taken this comfort food to a whole new level by filling them with big fresh blueberries and dusting with sugar. There is no better way…

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Recipe Share: Butterfinger Pretzel Cupcakes


I must admit that I never liked Butterfinger candy bars growing up but recently gave them a try again and LOVE them! So naturally, i was drooling to see this Butterfinger Pretzel Cupcakes recipe from Love From the Oven. If you like Butterfinger AND Pretzels, you must give this a try!  

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Recipe Share: White Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting


Yum. Seriously, YUM! These cupcakes from Shugary Sweets look amazing. Loving the white chocolate with these instead of the usual chocolate you see teamed up with it. Our Chevron Lime cupcake liners look fantastic with these – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day festivities! You can find the full post here.  

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Recipe Share: Strawberry Colada Cupcakes


I am a sucker for anything with coconut in it but strawberry too? I’m sold. These cupcakes look delicious and oh so pretty baked in our Rugby Stripe Pink baking cups! Another mouth watering cupcake from Lizzy at Your Cup of Cake. These are easy to make and different enough that they aren’t the standard…

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Recipe Share: “So What? I’m Single.” Cupcakes


Here is a delicious chocolate cupcake filled with marscapone cheese filling with chocolate cream cheese buttercream icing from Lizzy at Your Cup of Cake. We love the unique cupcake flavoring she comes up with for all of her cupcakes. These cupcakes are baked in our beautiful purple damask cupcake liners. See the full recipe here.…

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Recipe Share: PB&J Chocolate Birthday Cupcakes


Betsy from Java Cupcake‘s birthday is today and to celebrate, she made Peanut Butter & Jelly birthday cupcakes baked in our chevron pink cupcake liners and they look amazing! That is one of my favorite flavor combos. These are definitely a must make. Check out her post including the recipe and mouth watering photos. You…

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Recipe Share: Almond Joy Cupcakes


While i am loving the theme Make.Bake.Celebrate has going with it’s candy bar cupcakes recently, this is the one that I just can’t do without making. Almond Joy is by far my absolute favorite candy bar. The sweet coconut is fantastic and the little almond adds just the perfect nutty touch. I’m a sucker for…

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Love Note Sweetheart Shake


Just look at this uber creative idea from Christi at Love From The Oven. Who would have ever thought to use dry erase markers on a glass for a dessert? Loving this and all the creative possibilities that go with it. Just change out the flavors of the shake, sprinkles, toppings, and colors of your…

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Recipe Share: Butterfinger Cupcakes


Butterfinger isn’t my favorite candy bar but how could I not resist trying them if THIS is what they looked like?? Check out Make.Bake.Celebrate‘s step by step recipe here. This is also the first time I’ve seen our bright yellow greaseproof cupcake liners baked with chocolate cake. They came out perfect. ♥ I can’t wait…

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