Where to buy bulk plastic party bottles


If you’ve ever looked for plastic party bottles including plastic mason jars but were shocked at how expensive they were and how much that would cut into your party budget, you are in luck! It’s a product we used to sell and had great success at. Since we no longer carry them but get inundated with requests for them, we decided to provide the link and allow you to purchase them direct from the supplier. Customers love the safety of not having glass mason or ball jars but still having the look of the real thing at their perfectly styled parties.

The minimum for purchase from this site is very low if you just want to get them for your party. You can also purchase bulk if you were interested in stocking more. We use them for drinking bottles AND favor bottles at our parties. The 8oz square bottles fit a good number of gumballs or sixlets as favors and the plastic mason jars come in a variety of lid colors. We’ve also drilled a 1/4″ hole in the center for our straws for the perfect party accent.  The plastic mason jars are actually peanut butter containers!

There is my money saving party tip for the week. Happy Monday!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these links! I’ve been searching for hours trying to find these at wholesale. I didn’t even think of them being peanut butter jars!

  2. Can you purchase the ones without lids and the daisy lids still fit? They have different dimensions so I want to make sure I get the right ones

      1. Your link for the peanut butter container says it is a wide mouth … but I can order reg sized daisy lids from your other link and they will still fit?

  3. Thank you for posting Shannon! The link you gave gives two different sized peanut butter jars. Does the daisy lid fit both jar diameters; 72mm and 75mm?

    1. Yes actually. While the diameter is different, the neck size of the jar is the same! That’s what i went by when ordering from that site. So, even if you see another site, just inquire about the neck size to make sure.

  4. How are the plastic peanut butter jars any cheaper? I was about to buy 12 12-oz jars for $7.90, but shipping was nearly $17. And, that doesn’t include any lids. What am I missing?

    1. Hello Suzanne! The cheapest is obviously bulk of 90 for $36 but even the 12 you are referring to is still less expensive than sites that sell these jars. Most of which are $30+. These are from the manufacturer and not a middle man. I also wrote this post a year ago when the prices were much more. Also, most people buy the daisy lids separately from my experience. We had a ton of white lids left because most customers didn’t want them. Hope that helps!

  5. Actually the daisy lids do not fit as the neck of a standard mason jar is 70/450 and these are 70/400. The lids are loose and so not stay on. Especially if they do not have the plastisol liner in them.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We were told by the manufacturer that they would fit. Sorry you are having trouble. Since we no longer sell them, we haven’t seen this issue. Good to know though!

  6. I have been looked forever for colored plastic mason jars with colored daisy lids. Looked on the above sites, with no results. Help, Please. Linda

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